Air Transfer

Why does it matter?

Energy Savings

Recessed lights are attractive additions in a home, and according to the US Census Bureau almost 300 million recessed light fixtures have been installed in American homes, but they are serious subtractions to a home's energy efficiency.

Would you heat your home in the summer? How about blasting icy air into your house during the coldest months of the winter? Recessed fixtures leak air from the attic into the home, and from the home into the attic. Whether in a cold or hot climate the cost of this transfer is massive.

The average home has the equivalent of a 2 foot-square hole in the ceiling from recessed lights that allow warm air to leak out through the attic. In dollars and cents, this leakage accounts for anywhere from one-quarter to one-third of an annual heating bill!

Over 2.6 Million cubic feet of air and humidity flow in and out of ONE recessed light fixture in a single year. To give you an idea of how big that is… you could fill the entire Huston Astrodome with the air transfer of only 6 light cans in under 3 years!

Fiberglass insulation, cellulose, airborne dust, pest remnants, glues, building materials and more exist in your attic and can be pushed directly into the kitchen or primary living space in a house.

The CanCap is the only all in one solution to energy loss, fire protection and vapor barrier on the market. It’s patented design allows the installer to completely cover electrical fixtures, fitting snugly against the rafters and significantly reducing any energy loss or transfer of air.
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