Attic Fire

How bad is it?

Fire Protection

An estimated 10,000 residential building fires originating in attics are reported by U.S. fire departments EVERY YEAR! These fires caused an estimated 30 deaths, 125 injuries, and $477 million dollars in property damage.

An alarming 43.2% of all attic fires are electrical malfunctions. Even more prevalent are attic fires caused by “heat from powered equipment” such as recessed lighting, accounting for 53.8% of all attic fires in the USA.

The United States Fire Association reported in January of 2011 that 23% of attic fires first ignited in thermal or acoustical insulation within a wall or floor/ceiling space.

Building codes are in place to insure that insulation is kept at a safe distance from heat powered equipment but even the best laid insulation can shift after construction, coming in contact with electrical devices and heat sources that can and do cause attic fires.

The CanCap is the only all in one solution to energy loss, fire protection and vapor barrier on the market. It’s patented design allows the installer to completely cover electrical fixtures, fitting snugly against the rafters and significantly reducing any energy loss or transfer of air.
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