Moisture Transfer

Why does it matter?

Vapor Barrier

Every month 9 gallons of water transfers into a home from the attic for each recessed light. That’s a whopping 53 gallons of water a month for just 6 recessed lights.

During the winter months when a home is heated, recessed lights leak the heated air into the un-heated attic space. Even in an adequately ventilated attic, when hot air meets a cold surface the result will be condensation.

The condensation then forms water droplets which can drip onto the floor of the attic, or worse run down into the wall cavities below resulting in potentially “hidden“ mold which can be the source of difficult to diagnose health problems.

Over 2.6 Million cubic feet of air and humidity flow in and out of ONE recessed light fixture in a single year. To give you an idea of how big that is… you could fill the entire Huston Astrodome with the air transfer of only 6 light cans in under 3 years!

The CanCap is the only all in one solution to energy loss, fire protection and vapor barrier on the market. It’s patented design allows the installer to completely cover electrical fixtures, fitting snugly against the rafters and significantly reducing any energy loss or transfer of air.
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